Two things

1. I am really excited to be the featured Design Insider interview on DC Ladies today! I had a blast answering interview questions for my friend, the fabulous Jenn who writes the always-stylish Department of the Interior blog. (Seriously, isn't her blog so pretty?) This interview was especially fun because it reminded me of everything I love about living in the DC area. If you have a chance (*get ready for shameless plug in 3, 2, 1...*), check it out!

2. I'm having one of those super busy weeks (busy in a good way, though), so please be patient with me if things get a little quiet around here for a couple days. I hope to be back at it soon!

Image via Ronnie R.


Jenny said...

Analiese...congrats on your interview! It was nice to imagine your description of DC from your perspective! Oftentimes, people have a notion that DC is just a bleak and high-crime area of the country. You definitely unveiled the beauty of our nation's capitol!

olivia rae said...

that is so exciting!! congratulations! xoxo

Analiese Marie said...

Thanks for the sweet words ladies! xo

Kris said...

congrats on your feature!!!


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