Weekend Snippets

This weekend
I slept in both days
Browsed at Borders and picked up Malcolm Gladwell's Blink
Partook in a decadent & delicious wedding cake tasting here and decided on our cake flavors and design (can you believe they baked us our own cake, just for the tasting?)
Did some gentle yoga poses
Ran two miles at the gym
Cooked an omelette with smoked salmon, green onion, shallots, and cheddar for Jason and made a sandwich with smoked salmon with green onion, capers, and sea salt on rye for myself.
Savored a skim chai latte
Relaxed on the couch and watched the snow falling outside
Took a hot shower and used my new almond-scented soap
Picked up some Life is Good snuggle socks at the mall and refused to take off for the rest of the weekend because they are so incredible comfortable
Ate delicious food, mingled, and danced the night away at Jason's office holiday party (ok, I took the snuggle socks off for the party, but I put them on again right when we got home)

It was a good weekend.

Photo by Sandra Lane via Sarah Kaye.


Elizabeth said...

I have been wanting to read Blink forever, when I can find the time!

wonderfelle said...

sounds like a delightful weekend! and i don't think i could get through the winter without snuggle socks :)

mart and lu said...

oh sounds just wonderful! that teacup with the flower is just what we want to do for our wedding. how lovely!

Kris said...

That flower is beautiful!


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