This weekend

Why not...

Pick out an environmentally friendly Christmas tree; light a peppermint candle; take a hot bath with lots of vanilla-scented bubble bath; download some fun (and non-cheesy) holiday music; hit up an antique store for some vintage ornaments; sip espresso at a neighborhood cafe with a good book in hand; give yourself permission to take a nap; create a seasonal centerpiece for your dining room table or another surface in your house; cook a wonderful, nourishing meal and eat by candlelight; bake a batch of sugar cookies using holiday-themed cookie cutters and decorate them with colorful sprinkles; write an email to a blogger you admire; linger in a bookstore; start a gratitude journal; treat yourself to a couple fun magazines (cooking, decor, crafts...whatever catches your eye) and settle into a comfy chair with a mug of chai; download some new podcasts (try Kimberly Wilson's tranquil musings, available here) and listen to them while cleaning or folding laundry; think about making a donation to charity (even if you can't afford much) or donating your time or services to a local non-profit; built a fort like you did when you were a kid; put on some warm, fuzzy slippers and do a crossword puzzle; and, if geographically applicable, enjoy the snow!

You can find more weekend suggestions here and here.

What kind of weekend merriment do you have planned? I would love to hear about it!

Image via Martha Stewart.

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Ashley said...

Thanks for all the good ideas! The one about building a fort made me laugh... I had so much fun doing that as a little kid.


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