This weekend

Why not...

Create an inspiring
artspace for yourself; make a soy chai smoothie; try some restorative yin yoga poses; pet a puppy; learn to salsa dance; wear pigtails; spend Saturday in your comfiest slippers with a good book; get lost at an art museum; compliment a stranger; clean out your refrigerator; have your palm read (or read it yourself); organize your tea collection by color; go to the zoo and ogle the cute baby animals; add a new blog to your Google Reader (check out Lauren or Melita); make guacomole from scratch; grab a bottle of vino, some good cheese, and a baguette for an impromptu picnic; buy a basil plant from your local farmer's market and start an herb garden in your backyard or windowsill; check out some live jazz; go for a walk and take pictures of whatever catches your eye; laugh till your belly aches; paint your toenails bright red; stock up on refreshing, organic sparkling water; throw a lavender sachet in with your laundry...

Tell me, tell me, what are your fabulous plans for the weekend?

Image via WestElm.


Lauren said...

Yay, thanks for the mention!

My weekend plans include the gym, yoga, lots of studying and seeing "Enlighten Up!", the new yoga documentary.

City Girl said...

Love all the ideas -and the picture - though I am biased. I own that vanity in chocolate and it's one of my favorite things ever :) I heart your blog - added you to my blogroll. Thanks for having me on yours.

Melita said...

awww, thanks for the mention. my weekend is devoting myself to a yoga intensive (i've done 2 of 3 days now - to be blogged about later), studying, enjoying some tea and time with my boyfriend.


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