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I'll admit it. I picked up this book because I fell in love with the image of the girl in the red dress dancing down the middle of the street. I totally judged it by its cover, but I'm so glad I did! Nina Wise is a performance artist and teacher, who has spent her career helping people reach their creative potential. Her workshops encourage people to use movement, storytelling, vocalization, and other forms of expression to discover and claim their own creative capabilities, with an emphasis on spontaneous expression. Now, she has compiled all of these tools, tips, and exercises into this book. The nice thing is that most of the exercises take ten minutes max, and can be performed almost anywhere. I particularly like the chapter "To Render Visible - Giving Birth to Images." As any artist knows (visual or otherwise), it can be exceedingly difficult to bring the images in our head into the world. Nina provides ways of "getting out of our own way" and allowing our creativity to flow more freely. For anyone that feels trapped in a routine, caught in a slump, or just plain uninspired, Nina's wise voice and powerful vision will invigorate and refresh your approach to your art and your life. Available here.

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Lauren said...

Shilpa got me this book when I graduated college!

AnalieseMarie said...

Oh really? How funny! What did you think of it?

Sarah said...

I'll look into this! I notice you do the Artists Way too. I started it but never finished :( Getting up at five to do morning pages kind of became a roadblock. But I've really been wanting to start again. This will be a good book to have as well. Thanks :)

AnalieseMarie said...

Sarah - I know what you mean about the morning pages. I have been trying really hard to do them daily, but usually end up doing about 3-4 times per week. Sometimes it ends up just being doodles, or to-do lists or grocery lists. One of my goals for the summer is to do my morning pages every day, but I agree, it's really hard to make the time.


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