Details, details

I've been pouring over my copy of the Domino Book of Decorating, and getting really excited about decorating the new place. I suppose I should be most concerned about the big items at this point - bed, dressers, bookshelves, etc. However, I find that I love picking out the little things even more. The finishing touches. The details. The rugs and pillows and lamps and even the salt and pepper shakers ( I love these, by Jonathan Adler!)

I've spent this evening scouring Etsy for cute, handmade stuff. Don't you love this print by rosiemusic? Jason and I often hang out side-by-side, just working on our computers or reading (yes, we're both introverts...), so of course, I had to order it.

I also snapped up this print by Sooooound. Isn't it pretty?
I think I'll hang it above my desk.

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Melita said...

i love etsy. there are so many great finds on there!!

green ink said...

Rosiemusic's stuff is gorgeous! I love the "i think i'm in love" t-shirt! Might have to get some for myself. You have great taste :D


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