Leaving on a jet plane...

Tomorrow, I leave for a week-long trip to California with Jason and his family to attend the wedding of Jason's cousin, Brennan and Brennan's fiancee Rachel. Check out their engagement photos here. Are they cute or what?

In addition to this being the first real vacation I've had since I graduated from college two years ago, I'm excited because I love weddings and everything that goes along with them...pretty dresses, decorations, good food, drinks, dancing, and, of course, celebrating love!

We'll fly into San Francisco, then drive the rest of the way to Trinidad, California (a few hours north of San Francisco), where the wedding is taking place. After the wedding on Wednesday, we'll drive back down to San Francisco where we'll spend the rest of the week, with a day trip to Napa Valley to do a private wine tasting/winery tour on Friday!

I hope you all have a lovely week. I will catch up with you when I return!


Melita said...

have a great time! take some good pics and share when you get back.

Mandy said...

I love weddings too - and California.
Have so much fun!


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