This weekend

I'm looking forward to...

Dinner tonight at one of my favorite restaurants with three of my favorite people. I've been being good and eating at home all week (and packing my lunches), so it feels like a real treat to eat out!

Furniture, appliance, and mattress shopping. Time to make some decisions!

Day-tripping to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia on Sunday with Jason. We plan to go hiking and explore the town a bit. I can't wait, as I've heard it's absolutely gorgeous!

Catching up on sleep. I'm still a teensy bit jet-lagged.

Closing on the condo on Monday! I've got my fingers and toes crossed that everything goes smoothly.

Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo.


Melita said...

yay, wv!! :) have fun (oh and take lots of pics). i haven't been to harpers ferry in many years.

AnalieseMarie said...

Sadly, i'm coming down with a bit of a cold, so the harper's ferry trip may not happen. Hopefully sometime soon though!


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