Condo, dinner, and a dress

Well, we did it! We closed on the condo!

I can't believe it actually happened. There was some snafu with some of the paperwork and it looked like it was going to be postponed, but we got the call at around 3:45 pm today asking if we could make it to the title company office by 4 pm. We booked it on over there, signed a bunch of papers, and
voila - the condo is ours!

It felt so amazing when our realtor handed us the keys!

We went out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant and wine bar called Proof to celebrate our purchase, and
wow - it was absolutely divine. I had tuna tartare with avocado and wasabi soy emulsion; duck breast with roasted jewel yam purée, pomegranate, vinaigrette, and grilled scallions; and sticky toffee pudding cake with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch. Plus maybe a glass of Viognier and a glass of Riesling, both very good.

Since we had some extra time to kill in Annapolis, we wandered around the mall for a bit, where I picked up this dress, on sale, at Nordstrom.

I've been trying not to spend money on things like clothes recently (what with the
buying a condo and all) but this was too cute to pass up, so I justified it as a "congratulations to me" gift. (And yes, my books are organized by color.)


City Girl said...

Congrats on the condo - and great dress :)

Ilse B said...

Congrats, and great dress, and funny how I didn't notice your color-coded books the other night... and see you tomorrow for lunch!

Melita said...

congrats that is awesome news. dinner sounded phenomenal and that dress is adorable. i like the fact that your book shelves are organized by color. i have thought about doing that but realized i'd probably be looking around for a while to find the book i was looking for if i couldn't remember what color it was :) i desperately need to reorganize mine. i was thinking about doing it as a blog post so i'm sure you'll see the before & after.

green ink said...

Congrats on the condo!! You'll never believe this, but I went to Proof on it's opening night while I was in DC two years ago! What a small world. We had the chocolate hazelnut tart, and lots of wine!

Love your rainbow of a book shelf too! :D

AnalieseMarie said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys. :-)

Melita, I'm a very visual person so I tend to remember what color a book is before I remember its title, believe it or not!

Green Ink - it is a small world! Jason had the chocolate hazelnut torte, and he loved it. (I was able to sneak a small bite though, and it was delicious!)


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