December Intentions

I've always loved December, with its festive promise of merriment and joy - and sometimes the first snow of the year. This December feels extra special though, because it represents the first holiday season that I'll be introducing Jason as my wonderful fiancé and the first of many holiday seasons that we'll spend together in a home that's ours. Just the thought gives me a little rush of excitement.

December can be a stressful month though, with its often-intense social calendar, never-ending to-dos, gift-giving conundrums, and lots of emotionally charged situations. For that reason, it seems like an especially good month to set some intentions. Approaching the month with a sense of purpose helps to keep me focused and balanced (and hopefully sane!) during what can be a pretty hectic time.

So, without further ado, here are my intentions for December.

Keep up my workout routine (running 4-5x per week + yoga at least 2x per week) and try at least one Zumba class.

Cozy up to winter by savoring lots of fragrant tea, hot bubble baths, yummy-scented candles, snuggly sweaters and soup. Oh, and a peppermint mocha or two. I'm getting a head start on this goal by making a giant pot of chicken tortilla soup tonight...mmm.

Work my way through Barbara Kingsolver's latest novel, The Lacuna. This shouldn't be difficult since I can't put it down.

Enjoy the holiday season in a relaxed and mindful way and maybe even find the time to send out a few holiday cards.

Finish our wedding website and choose a wedding cake. Yes, this will entail conducting multiple cake tastings. It's rough, I know, but somebody's gotta do it.

Carve out plenty of time for myself amidst all the festivities. As an introvert, I need lots of down time so that I can re-charge and therefore enjoy a busy schedule of holiday parties and other events without becoming drained and exhausted.

What are your intentions for December? If you've already posted them in your blog, feel free to share a link!

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Ashley said...

Thanks for the invitation to write down intentions - sharing goals makes us more inclined to follow through on them...

My December Intentions:

- Continue pursuing my artistic endeavors one step at a time: portrait commissions, an entry to the Scottsdale Artists' School Show, my food blog, a new design blog, a new website, and an Etsy shop

- Give thoughtful gifts and have fun wrapping them with pretty paper and ribbons

- Continue the Artists Way course

- Get a keyboard and start writing songs again, being careful to reserve judgment

- Take several deep breaths when I feel stressed

- Go for more walks to soak up sunshine and start using those yoga class passes I bought last month

Anonymous said...

http://dailygoods.wordpress.com/2009/12/01/december-goals/ here's mine :)
i love yours you are always so inspiring!!

Jenny said...

Good for you! You inspire me with your workout routine...I wish I can be that dedicated! I LOVE your intentions! (Especially the snuggly sweaters, soup, and wedding cake!)

Here is my "winter to do list": http://norpino.blogspot.com/2009/11/my-winter-to-do-list.html

Eco Yogini said...

ohhhh! Wedding website has been on my MIND recently- so funny you mentioned it my first time visiting your space! :)

How goes the home practice btw? I just commented on your post about that this summer and was curious to see how you were doing :)

FUN intentions and space, glad I found you!

AnalieseMarie said...

Hi Eco Yogini! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! The home practice is going well. I am able to fit in some type of practice at least 2x per week, with some spontaneous poses sprinkled in here and there if I'm feeling the need for a particular stretch. It's funny that you ask because actually tonight I'm trying a yoga class at the gym I joined. It's not a dedicated yoga studio, but rather, just a gym that offers yoga. We'll see how it goes!

Rachel said...

That sounds like an awesome plan :)

Kris said...

December will be an interesting month. Mainly preparing to change the course of my life for 2010! I am going back to school to learn some new trick of the trade... I also want to get more creative. I miss the days of making my own jewelry and being inspired. Corporate America will do that to a gal!

Kris said...

Hey there!

Thanks for commenting as well. I will be studying Graphic and Web Design. I have some experience, but not enough to really get some work done. I work in the entertainment industry, but not in design so this is just for added pleasure in my creative life! haha

Anonymous said...

Here's my list: http://geminiartdiva.blogspot.com/2009/12/december-intentions.html


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