Morning person

The lovely Carolyn of Hang On Little Tomato recently blogged about her July goals, one of them being to create a morning ritual. This got me thinking about my morning routine.

I've always been a morning person, but over the past year, I have purposely focused on creating a relaxed and morning routine. I started really implementing this when I was at my previous (stressful) job and thinking about ways to make my days more rejuvenating, but I've happily stuck with it since changing jobs and have found that it makes a HUGE difference in the quality of my days.

I love waking up slowly, allowing my mind to gently transition from sleep to wakefulness, and that delicious, half-awake feeling where you're still sort of dreaming yet sort of conscious. When the pillow is cool against your skin, but your toes are nice and warm.

Getting dressed to go for a run in the first moments after sunrise, hearing the occasional passing car or bus as the city comes to life, and running across the Ellington Bridge, admiring the sky still streaked with periwinkle and pink, and then returning to my apartment and running a nice hot bath or shower while I sip water and then green tea.

Taking my time with my hair and makeup (and maybe even squeezing in time for a face mask treatment or quickie pedicure if I'm ahead of schedule).

Eating a healthy breakfast and knowing I'm doing something good for myself (I used to never eat breakfast, but I have reformed my ways!) - usually oatmeal or whole grain cereal with soy milk and some fruit - while catching up on email and blogs.

Talking to my mom on the phone while walking to work (we talk almost every day), enjoying the sunlight on my face and the beautiful Dupont townhouses.

Are you a morning person? Do you have another favorite time of day? I would love to hear about it.

Photo by Flickr user anah na uwr.


Carolyn said...

WOW your morning sounds incredible! How i WISH i were a morning person and weren't always running out the door. :( I'm still working on that morning ritual... this morning was no good - set my alarm to "PM" and woke up at 9 AM!

Rachel said...

There is nothing I enjoy more than waking up before the rest of the world, so that I can squeeze in an early morning workout and enjoy my morning before the rush of the world sets in!

green ink said...

I wish I were a morning person, and if I didn't enjoy the cuddles I get every morning when the alarm goes off, I probably would be :D

My favourite time of day is twilight - about an hour before the sun sets. It's just beautiful, in any season.

Elise said...

How I envy morning people! The only rituals I have in the mornings are no bright lights, no talking and a good coffee...

AnalieseMarie said...

green ink, I love twilight too, especially the way the light looks so magical :-)

Elise, I definitely have mornings like that too. And hey, if that's the ritual that works for you, then that's good too!

Revisionista said...

loved reading about your morning ritual. it sounds so serene.

Glad i found your blog by way of carolyn at hang on tomato!

Melita said...

i want to be a morning person. since i've been unemployed, my schedule is all out of sorts and have no more routines. i would like to get back into one (one i create for myself). yours is very inspiring.


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