Red, white, and green

Maybe it's the Italian in me, but I absolutely can't get enough fresh basil.

I use it in everything. Mozzarella-tomato-basil salad (aka insalata caprese); roasted vegetables and basil aioli on focaccia; homemade tomato sauce with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic; omelets with basil, avocado, and fontina...I could go on and on!

I love the sweet, grassy smell, which reminds me of summer and being outside. I think I may need some basil candles to help make my new home smell fresh and yummy.

Tell me...what's your favorite herb?

Photo by Flickr user C.Mariani.


Melita said...

that looks so delish! i honestly can't pick just one herb. i grow all kinds of them cause i love them so much!

wellheeled said...

I love basil. It's probably my favorite herb as well. I have a basil plant right outside my front door, so whenever I make pasta or omelets I got and get a couple of leaves. Fresh basil makes everything taste better.

City Girl said...

I love basil, but i also love parsley, tarragon, thyme and rosemary - and those are just the one I buy often. Like Melita, I love all herbs :)

AnalieseMarie said...

I agree! It's so hard to choose. Melita, reading about your herb garden has inspired me to create a mini herb garden in a planter on my new deck. I will keep you posted on my progress!

Melita said...

that is so awesome. we got an aerogarden as a gift over a year ago and it's the best thing to grow herbs in the winter. you can also grow other things in them as well but i really like to have fresh herbs all year 'round. :)

be sure and check out my blog, i have up some of my homemade signs to remind me that i will pass the gmat ;)

honey living said...

i love parsley for the bright freshness it adds to everything. if you love basil, you should try out the mrs. meyers basil scented line - i know a few people who use the dishsoap, dishwasher fluid and countertop spray in their kitchens and love it.

i'd love for you and your readers to check out my blog post on my herb garden:


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