Moving madness

You may have noticed I haven't been posting quite as frequently as I normally do. Things have been a bit crazy in my neck o' the woods, to say the least! In the past week or so, Jason and have:
  • Moved everything from my old apartment to the new condo. It was a HUGE relief to get this taken care of, although it was a bittersweet feeling to hand in the key.
  • Put together various pieces of furniture including our new dining room table, daybed, and dressers. (To be completely honest, Jason did most of the work, but I brought him cold drinks and provided moral support.)
  • Made multiple trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target to pick up things because we keep realizing that we need things we either don't have or can't find in our boxes!
  • Cooked most of our dinners from scratch to take advantage of the new appliances!
  • Gone for a run almost every day. Running is basically keeping us sane during this crazy stressful time! I'll post soon about the "new to us" park we discovered.
Our new challenge is to get the condo in shape (unpacking boxes, decorating, hanging art, etc.) for my parents' visit the third weekend in August. It feels like there's just so much to do! Despite all the insanity, we are LOVING the new place. I hope to take more pictures as soon as we get rid of some of the boxes/clutter currently clogging up every available surface...

Image via Flickr user movingcompanies.


Sarah said...

I'm jealous! I wish I could motivate myself to not only pack, but to run everyday as well! I'm glad you love your new place!

Rachel said...

Hope to see some pictures of your fabulous new place! :)

green ink said...

Hope to see some pics soon - it sounds great. Moving is never heaps of fun, but the end result sure is worth it, it sounds like you're going to be very happy there. And yes, running is better than Prozac! xx

AnalieseMarie said...

Thanks for the supportive words, guys. :-) I promise I'll post pictures as soon as I get some of the clutter cleared!

City Girl said...

So exciting you are almost done with the move!!


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