My weekend

Sushi at Sakura with Jason. Going running (twice!) in our new neighborhood. Eating breakfast on the balcony. Putting together our new bookcase and arranging it with a combination of our books (my Hip Tranquil Chick now co-exists with his Zombie Survival Guide). Moving more of our stuff into the new place. Stocking up on groceries at Whole Foods. Dinner at Lemongrass + seeing Bruno with Nikki and Brian. Making a batch of delicious Jambalaya on Sunday (we used this recipe, but substituted fresh thyme and parsley, plus fresh diced onion - sauteed first - instead of the dried onion flakes...it was SO good.)

What did your weekend entail, my friends?

Photo by Alicia Bock.


Rachel said...

I saw Bruno as well! So funny. Also really sad that people act that way.

green ink said...

I've not seen Bruno yet...but we're thinking about it! Did you like it?

My weekend involved grocery shopping at Tesco, Sainsbury's and the little farmers market, a pint in the Queen's Arms and then a walk in the rain to a bookshop where we stayed until they kicked us out when it closed. Library. Ice Age. Veggie burgers on homemade buns. G&Ts. Smoothies. Talking on Skype to my sister and both of us shedding tears a little because we haven't actually been face to face for nearly two years. A poke in the shops in Kensington, and then a juice and catchup with a lovely friend at Wholefoods. A few episodes of Frasier. Writing 1115 words of my novel, for the first time in months.

Wow, I did quite a bit - I actually felt quite lazy! :P

Glad you had a lovely one my dear :) x

Carolyn said...

sounds like you had a FAB weekend, doll!!

AnalieseMarie said...

green ink, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend as well! I'm still not sure how I feel about Bruno...it's actually quite sad because it exposes how ignorant some people are, so it's not exactly a "comedy," per se, but it's definitely interesting!

Jessica said...

Hey there!
I see you are in DC.
We have quite a bit in common...
I look forward to reading more, and getting to know you better!

Jessica :)


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