Small on space, big on style

Wow! Check out this elegant 350-square-foot studio (pictured above), featured in the Home & Garden Section of the New York Times. Having lived in some rather small apartments, I am always interested in seeing how people manage to make tiny spaces feel spacious and open (granted, the vaulted ceilings and huge windows really account for a lot of it, though I also love her simple & sweet decorating style). The lucite(?) chairs and clean-lined dining table are especially wise picks for a small space, since they don't take up visual space and allow for an unfettered view out the window. The whole effect is calming, sophisticated, and surprisingly airy given the apartment's lilliputian dimensions.

I must admit that I am enjoying the additional space I now have since moving into the new condo (almost 1200 square feet versus my previous space of 500 square feet), though I think having a small space forced me to be more creative with the decor.

What about you? What kind of space do you live in, and if it's a small one, how do you make it feel larger?

Images via NY Times.


City Girl said...

I think the key to a small space (husband I live in a 500 sq foot apartment right now) is to put things away as much as possible - like the table above looks great because of its design but also because it's so uncluttered, you know? Of course, that's easier said than done - I feel like I am constantly uncluttering our apartment (and busy weeks like this week, I just give up and embrace clutter for a couple of days).

My other small-space recommendation is furniture which doubles as storage space or has multiple purposes. Example: we have 2 ottomans that double as our coffee table but also are our filing cabinets (most of our files and important papers live in the ottomans).

Melita said...

i agree with city girl, put away the clutter. small spaces get so cluttered so quickly. we try to keep on top of that - at least every couple of days or so :) we live in a small apt (not sure the exact sq footage -although we are going to be redoing the floors soon so i know we'll be finding out)


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