A couple thoughts for Friday

Happy Friday, my dears.  Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on Wednesday's post.  Sadly, we found out last night that the shelter is only willing to adopt this particular pup to a household that already has another dog or is willing to adopt two dogs at once.  As much as I would love two dogs, it's just not feasible for us right now, so our search for the right pooch continues.  I must admit, I shed a tear (or twenty) when we got the news, but I woke up this morning with a sense of peace and acceptance.  I know the right doggie out there somewhere.

n the meantime, I'm playing caretaker to my husband, who is sans wisdom teeth as of this morning.  I always find cooking to be deeply therapeutic, so a morning spent making chocolate pudding, garlic cheddar mashed potatoes, and egg drop soup (Jason's no-chewing-required food requests) felt good for my soul.  Sometimes, a couple hours in the kitchen just clears the mind, you know?  I think it has something to do with the physical repetition - peeling, chopping, stirring, etc. - not to mention the comforting aromas.

peaking of cooking, I'd love for you to stop by Tranquility du Jour today to check out my Foodie Friday post on welcoming this new season.  (If only it actually felt like fall outside...thankfully it's supposed to cool off quite a bit this weekend.)

lease tell me what adventures you have planned for this weekend so I can live vicariously through you, since we'll be laying low.  Not that I'm complaining; it feels so good to have absolutely nothing on the calendar. xoxo

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you didn't get the pup. You will find the perfect dog for you! When we were trying to find kittens, it took 4 or 5 tries! But we have the sweetest kitties now! Good luck, and hope your husbands wisdom recovery is going well!


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