Falling for red


In the past, I've shied away from the color red, feeling that it was somehow too strong, too assertive, too powerful.  But lately, it seems like everywhere I go, I'm falling all over myself for all things red.  (Case in point: I couldn't resist picking up these pretty russet-hued calla lilies from Whole Foods.)  

Upon the advice of a very wise fellow blogger, I began researching what my newfound inclination might mean.  One of the most interesting things I learned is that red is associated with the 1st chakra, which governs our sense of physical vitality and well-being.

Over the past year, I've made changes that have brought me into a greater awareness of my body and what it needs to feel healthy, so I was fascinated to learn that my craving for red might actually be related to this sense of "re-inhabiting" my body.  

The other day, I bought what I think is my first article of red clothing ever: a beautiful hand-knit scarf.  It might just be the power of suggestion at work, but I'll admit that, wearing this scarf, I felt a new sense of energy and connectedness to my physical self.

Do you ever feel inexplicably drawn toward a certain color?  Have you ever noticed your mood or feelings affected by particular colors?


robyn michelle-lee @ this is life. said...

this is so, so beautiful ani.

annelise said...

This is so interesting, I love the thought of what colour can do and what it means.

The only story that comes to mind for me is when I was desperate not to be at work one day because I was feeling a bit under the weather and I remembered reading that the beige can wash you out. So I skipped the under-eye concealer, wore my beige knitted top, did a bit of coughing and was promptly sent home. I was never really drawn to that top afterwards though!

Red is such a powerful colour, I love it. Gorgeous flowers too. Have a great weekend :)

Kim said...

Orange! It makes me feel alive/empowered and at the same time safe/comforted. That's why I painted my bedroom "pumpkin pleasure" and I could spend an hour every morning staring at it when I wake up. I feel like orange understands me and has my back. It's weird, but a very strong feeling.

Jenny Beattie said...

I avoided red for decades because my mother didn't wear it. She said - always overweight - that it would make her look like a London bus. But I discovered a few years ago that certain shades of it really suited me. People always told me how well I looked in it and that always made me feel good. So I wear it now and feel good about it.


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