A late-summer kayaking excursion

Last Saturday, we met up with our good friends Dan and Steph for a little adventure.  We started off at nearby Quiet Waters Park, where we rented kayaks for the afternoon.
Here I am, trying to look suave in my life jacket and shades. 

We decided to each rent our own individual kayak.  I was a tad nervous about this because I've only ever kayaked in two-seaters, with someone else doing the steering.  But I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to steer once you get the hang of it.  
It was Steph's first time in a kayak.  She was a quick learner!
Jason, Steph, and I, possibly observing one of the many jellyfish that were hanging out in the water.  
(Dan was the designated photographer.)

In addition to jellyfish, we saw numerous great blue herons, an osprey, all kinds of fish, oyster farms, and one very wet golden retriever!
Between kayaking and the 3-mile run Jason and I did that morning, we'd worked up a nice little appetite.  Clearly, some sushi was in order!  
After sushi, we walked around Annapolis' historic downtown area and posed for some photos in front of the dock.
Dan finally makes an appearance!  Aren't they a cute couple?  

Dan and I used to work together, and over the past several years, Jason and I have become good friends with both Dan and his fiancée, Steph.  (They are getting married in May of 2011!)
Steph and I, with our 50-foot yacht in the background.  I can dream, right?
I've you've never tried kayaking, I definitely recommend giving it a whirl.  It's a really great way to spend some time on the water, appreciate your natural surroundings, and get a little upper-body workout.  Check out local parks for boat rental options.  Many of them will rent kayaks (plus canoes, paddle boats, etc.) by the hour.  

Now that I've tried whitewater rafting, I'm adding whitewater kayaking to the Mondo Beyondo list!  

How are you taking advantage of these last few weeks of summer?  I'd love to hear about your adventures!


Rachel said...

Looks like you had so much fun! :) You two look SO cute!

shelly said...

something i have always wanted to do. looks like a great time :)

unfortunately, summer is going to continue for awhile here in FL, but the temp did drop a bit this week and the humidity backed off. and that hurricane is creating a beautiful breeze for us. i have spent the past few weeks longing to go on a short trip somewhere fall is actually happening soon :)

Carolyn said...

Fun! I 've only been canoeing, not kayaking but I really want to go!

Lee said...

I just found your blog and i love it! I've been reading your older entries and I think we might have gotten married on the same day!


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