On today's to-do list: rest

Despite my best efforts to stay healthy, I seem to have caught a touch of the cold that's been making the rounds at my workplace.

n the past, my usual reaction to an oncoming cold was to think I can't get sick right now, and to keep going at full speed.  Of course, this only made things worse, and after 2-3 days of denial I would essentially collapse.

realized recently that this pattern is a thing of the past - a product (of course) of having been out of touch with my physical self.  As I've gained a greater respect for my body's needs throughout the past year, I've discovered that I'm able to detect even minor shifts in my energy level and my sense of well-being.  Shifts that, a year ago, I went undetected amidst the constant fog of excess sugar, caffeine, etc.  And, perhaps even more importantly, I'm now inclined to listen to what my body's telling me.  And right now, my body is saying: rest.  Rest and heal.  There is nothing on your to-do list that can't wait.

o rest is the order of the day today.  Along with generous amounts of tea, vegetable broth, and ginger juice.

ow do you react when you feel yourself getting sick? 

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Lauren said...

I feel the same way! Everyone around me is sick and I had a long intern event today, so I kept thinking "I better not get sick until after if I'm going to get it!" Of course I wake up sick today and have to trudge through the event. :(

Feel better!


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